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No matter your medical specialty in maintaining your patients’ well-being, our expertise is in keeping your practice healthy. Contact Coronis Health to learn more about how our credentialing services can benefit you.

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Overview of Credentialing Services

Medical credentialing is often a drawn-out process, but to keep your practice thriving, or to take it up a notch or two, your credentialing must be flawless. Yet, when you’re busy delivering unmatched patient care, you and your administrative staff may not always have the time necessary to make sure all your credentialing is up to speed.

At Coronis Health, we understand and sympathize. Things like coordinating with insurance providers or licensing organizations can fall through the cracks. By outsourcing your credentialing services, however, you can avoid these pitfalls and continue doing what you do best – providing the compassionate care and support your patients deserve.

Why Is Credentialing So Crucial?

Whatever the state of your career, you’ve worked hard to get there. But failing to keep your credentials up to date can be fatal to your practice.

No doubt you work with more than one provider, which means you have to credential each one you work with. You must provide detailed information about your education, residency, qualifications, training, and career history. If you specialize, you must show proper verification that you’re board-certified

How Credentialing Impacts Your Practice

Indeed, it is a lot to keep up with, but it’s crucial that you not miss a step or overlook any details. Otherwise, mismanaging the process of medical credentialing and contracting will adversely impact the health of your practice.

How so? Without precise and properly maintained credentialing, your revenue flow will be at risk because getting paid for your services will not be guaranteed.

What the Credentialing Experts at Coronis Health Can Do for You

At Coronis Health, we have the resources, expertise, and knowledge to make all aspects of the credentialing process go smoothly so you can focus on treating your patients and running your practice. We have more than 30 years’ experience providing practices like yours with various medical billing and coding services, yet the backbone of our business is credentialing.

When you outsource with us, we take on all aspects of your credentialing needs, from onboarding new providers to managing existing ones to continuous maintenance of all your documentation.

We have a system in place that can be customized for your practice to follow each part of the credentialing process. It will help enhance the medical enrollment process and offer superior patient protection. Your dedicated team at Coronis Health will keep you updated with all the latest regulations, changes, and trends.

By knowing how to get providers credentialed correctly and efficiently, we allow you to spend the time needed with patients and get you paid for the important care and services you provide.

Here’s what else our credentialing services can do for you:

Personal, customized support – you’ll have dedicated support exclusively focused on helping you navigate all necessary credentialing
Data gathering and management – we collect the necessary demographics and background information to manage your database with ease
CAQH enrollment – for providers who use CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare) to credential individual payers, we take care of submitting the application while also updating and maintaining your CAQH profile
Software services – we provide custom software that stores and manages all your files, complete with notifications, alerts, and reminders
Payer communications – we take care of managing all payer communications, verifications, and follow-ups. We’ll get you enrolled in all necessary commercial and government plans quickly and efficiently
Expiration management – we follow up with and maintain your credentialing to help ensure you are up-to-date each year

Contact the Credentialing Experts at Coronis Health Today

When you outsource your credentialing services to Coronis Health, it allows you to run your business and provide the care and support your patients depend on. Whether you’re a practice just starting out with a small team or a well-established one with multiple locations, we help you get and stay credentialed as well as enrolled with insurance providers.