Healthcare Insurance Coding

For more than three decades, Coronis Health has served numerous medical practices of varying sizes and specialties, handling the healthcare insurance coding process efficient and cost-effectively. We value our role in ensuring that our clients’ practices can grow and strive to deliver only trustworthy, accurate coding services.

Healthcare Insurance CodingNeed assistance with Healthcare Insurance Coding? Coronis is here to help. 

Overview of Healthcare Insurance Coding

Healthcare insurance coding is a complex system in which the diagnostic and procedural details of a patient’s medical record is translated into appropriate code that is used to not only track services rendered, but to also ensure that the healthcare providers are reimbursed. Insurance coding also allows doctors, hospitals, and insurance providers to maintain accurate and complete records of a patient’s treatment in order to avoid medical errors or fraud.

Outline of Healthcare Insurance Coding

The first and most important step in the medical billing process is known as healthcare insurance coding. When a patient receives professional medical care, from a basic physical in a physician’s office to treatment at a hospital outpatient center, each and every service is recorded under a specific code that will then be used to process a claim for payment, whether from the patient and/or his or her insurance provider. The coding process is crucial to ensuring that not only the patient’s medical history is accurate, but that the physicians and staff members that treated that patient receive payment for their services. Errors or missing information can severely interfere with a patient’s treatment as well as a medical practice’s success.

Coronis Health is an established medical billing company that offers high-quality, reliable services to more than 250 physicians and medical practices, with branches in California, Florida, and Illinois. We handle the complex insurance coding and claims processes on behalf of our clients so they can focus on what matters – providing reliable, quality medical care to countless patients.