Medical Billing Claims Florida

With the recent addition of new offices in Aventura, Florida, Coronis is expanding on over 30 years of experience to offer comprehensive medical billing and coding solutions in Florida. Changes and revisions to healthcare care law and insurance industry regulations can make it difficult for the average medical practice in Florida to stay ahead of the curve and realize their full earning potential. Although hardworking and well-meaning, most in-house billing departments are ill-equipped to handle the complicated web of claims submissions and reimbursement practices predicated on private insurance companies, as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

Untitled-1-1Need assistance with Medical Billing Claims? Coronis is here to help. 

Medical Billing Claims Florida

We offer a broad range of fully customizable, cloud-based technology to offer the most profitable and efficient services available for medical billing claims in Florida. Coronis will handle the entire process from start to finish so that our practitioners are free to accomplish their main goal – delivering the best patient care and service available.

Our services help to maximize profits and reduce administrative costs in a number of ways. Throughout our many years in business, we have helped to increase profits and savings for our clients by as much as 10%-20% by offering a number of relevant services including:

  • Full Revenue Cycle Management
  • Medical Bill Collections
  • Insurance Accounts Receivable Clean-up and Accounts Receivable Wind Down
  • Revenue Cycle Patient Collection Services
  • Comprehensive Insurance Claims Follow-up assistance
  • Aggressive in-house patient collections

All of our clients are assigned a dedicated account executive to oversee the process and ensure that your practice’s medical billing and coding needs are met. Our personalized approach allows us to offer our clients customized superbill designs and comprehensive monthly analysis and reports available through our cloud-based technology for easy access at your convenience.