Mental Health Coder

Coronis works on behalf of mental health practices by providing expert healthcare coding and billing. We offer cutting-edge cloud technology and high-trained account executives to ensure that your practice’s billing and coding is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.


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Mental Health Coder

A crucial aspect of running any mental healthcare billing process is having an experienced and qualified medical coder. Health coding refers to the codes assigned to specific services, conditions, diagnoses, and treatments, which are used to carefully record each and every patient’s care, as well as the payment that he or she owes for those services. Without an efficient coding procedure or billing system in place, your practice can lose a substantial amount of money each year in simply trying to manage the billing cycle and the patients’ care.

Medical codes and insurance industry regulations are updated or modified on a near-yearly basis. While trying to run your practice and meet your patients’ needs, the last thing you should also juggle is keeping up with minute changes in coding requirements. With a dedicated mental health coder working for your practice, you can prioritize your time and energy toward what matters most to you – your patients. Let ML Medical Billing take care of the mental health codes, medical records, and the entire billing process so that your patients receive the full extent of your medical expertise and attention.

ML Medical Billing works exclusively with medical billing and coding, which allows us to focus on offering customized plans to suit our clients’ practices and specialties. With our account executives managing your practice’s coding, you can focus on serving your patients’ and increasing your profits. To learn more about how we can improve your practice, please contact us.